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For several months I had been working on a travel wardrobe for our trip to Portugal and Morocco, which of course isn't happening now. I was concentrating on light, easy to pack, mix and match items. I was down to the last piece when things fell apart, but I wanted to finish anyway and hope to be able to wear it this summer when all of this is over. I chose the skirt fabric since it was very light weight, easy to wash & didn't wrinkle much and for the colors.  Since I already had a black top and a white top to wear with it, the turquoise top made three options. Since I was no longer under a time restraint, I took time to play with the sleeve and inserted some lace that just happened to be in my stash. The skirt fabric came from the sale room at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL and the top knit fabric from JoAnne's here in Greenville.
Of course I've been making masks as many of you have.  I do want to clarify the information I sent earlier.  Although the pattern I included came from a hospital in Wisconsin, the masks are not going to Wisconsin.  They are staying here with a group of EMTs who are constantly dealing the the public in so many ways and are in need of more masks.  Please let me know if you are making some for this request and I will arrange to pick them up or meet you somewhere to get them.  Thanks in advance for all your help and generosity. 
Jean Van Valen

Like anyone else, my sewing is influenced by corona. I was planned and booked to fly to Amsterdam and visit our daughter in The Hague... the day after the announcement of borders being closed for flights from Europe! So my friend and I decided not to take a chance and cancel our flight. There I was: at home instead of in The Netherlands! I self quarantined myself in my sewing room!

Started on another jacket from pattern of Joan Derylak. Then that stayed on my design wall because of masks to be made, then I thought I should finally start on a baby quilt for a choir member, interrupted again by a request for masks from my former physical therapist!
The jacket is still how I left it, the top of the baby quilt is finished, as are around 70 masks from different designs....
Keep calm and sew!

97 masks and counting!


Been working outside on 3 rotting exterior door thresholds, and bay window sill. Much work.

When I need a break I am work in ng on this 3' x 4' collage unicorn.  Bought pattern and turns out all you get is an outline of a unicorn. NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Very time consuming project, on the up side it I can be creative. Making this for my granddaughters 7th BIRTHDAY in December.  Hope to have it done by then.
Also doing some masks!
Joan Derylak 

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