09. December 2019
Once again, Sweet Catherine's was an ideal place for lunch.
06. December 2019
18. November 2019
Everyone had a great time at our 2019 Annual Meeting. The food was superb and our speaker, Liz Spears, showed us fashions she had created from her own hand woven fabric.
06. November 2019
20. October 2019
09. October 2019
Marcia showed us how to make a hanging phone charger. If you'd like to make your own, you can find the instructions here:
03. October 2019
15. September 2019
Forty-nine Christmas Stockings have been made and will be given to Foster Children. Many thanks to all who came out and helped. Also give Kathy a big hand for taking the photos to share.
14. September 2019
Completed bag. Good job!
27. August 2019

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