Pants and a Vintage Quilt
17. January 2021
Mother embroidered and quilted this a few years ago.1930s fabric and Aunt Martha’s embroidery. Margaret Dracko
Just a Few Show & Shares from our Zoom Meeting
13. January 2021
We had 26 people attend our Zoom meeting and almost everyone had something to share. Please send photos to me with a description for our blog so those who didn't make the meeting can see what you have been up to.
Look What Anne Did with Her Babylock Destiny 2!
10. January 2021
I've been scanning a picture that was downloaded and print on my printer. I then scanned it on the sewing machine with ID Designer scan. I used to create a fill imagine. Very interesting feature. It took me many hours to figure it out so it would fill the colored item on the picture. Why you ask would I spend so much time on this.? I like embroidery quilts. my grandson wanted a quilt with certain designs. TI had a process I hadn't used on a very expensive machine. Fourth, I didn't want to pay...
Jewelry Pouch & Fleece Jacket
06. January 2021
Jewelry Pouch for my Daughter to take to the theatre when she’s in a rectal or show. She is a singer/actress and vocal instructor. Linda Sanita
Little Elves
24. December 2020
Final project this year. 2 elves to add from by Larissa Holland. The pencil is a toothpick. Karla Milota
Holiday Placemats
23. December 2020
Phyllis Costa
Amei's Finished UFO
21. December 2020
My 5 or 6 year old UFO. I had the top finished years ago and had started the hand quilting but every Christmas since then, it didn’t get finished. One of the few good Covid things. Amei Manten
17. December 2020
The wolf is on backside of grandma. My dog wants to eat them and my daughter says they are creepy. Pattern by Larissa Holland. Karla Milota
14. December 2020
Today's meeting was lots of fun with everyone sharing a visual Holiday memory.
01. December 2020
The Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie Unrein from Craftsy and By Annie 18 1/2 x 13 3/4 x 8. Adjustable Strap with Pad Linda Sanita

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