31. May 2020
Folded Star Hot pads from YouTube videos. Fun to make. Linda Sanita
28. May 2020
Finally finished my Hello Pouch. This a medium and I will make quite a few changes next time! Marcia Baker
26. May 2020
Six reversible placemats for my daughter in Florida. No pattern. Linda Sanita
20. May 2020
This pattern is called The Perfect Tee, from Pamela Legget with what she called her Phyllis's Neck Line modification. It was designed for a top that I had worn to one of her workshops. The insert on the sides was lace from my Mom's stash. Phyllis Costa Pamela's Patterns can be found by clicking HERE.
17. May 2020
I made a replacement for my very old, very loved satin robe. I did not intend to wear it during a Supreme Court appearance, however I do think RBG may want to borrow it. Georgie
15. May 2020
My new custom valance for my kitchen! Mary Ann DePoala- Rosenberg
13. May 2020
Remember the workshop where Madeline taught us how to make round boxes with fitted lids? Well, my lid didn't turn out very well, but my box did and I also learned a lot of other sewing techniques as well. I tossed the lid and let the box sit around awhile. I didn't really need another container for anything but hoped the box would "speak" to me and it did. This box wanted to be a bag. I can never have enough bags with all the knitting I do. I was going to use the same purple fabric I made the...
11. May 2020
I finished a jacket made with a linen blend fabric that I purchased on our shopping trip last year at the Boston ASG conference. The pattern I chose was meant to be lined, but I didn't want a lined jacket, so I did a Hon Kong finish on the seams and lined just the sleeves. The button is made from sea glass, purchased in Nova Scotia. Jean Van Valin
08. May 2020
Quilt for my five year grandson who loves trains. Linda Sanita
06. May 2020
Marcia Baker is creating squares on a 4" pin loom. When she is done, they will be sewn into a stuffed dinosaur for her grandson. Stay tuned....

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