May Greer Neighborhood Group
15. May 2024
Greenville Neighborhood Group Meeting
11. May 2024
Simpsonville Neighborhood Group Meeting
09. May 2024
Sewing Travel Kit from a Dental Floss Container.
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
01. May 2024
This is the 5th in Ebenezer series by Larissa Holland Mmmcrafts on Etsy sells digital patterns. Karla
Greer April Show and Share
18. April 2024
More 4-H Fun!
15. April 2024
Greenville April Neighborhood Group Meeting
12. April 2024
Simpsonville April Neighborhood Group Meeting
11. April 2024
Sharon gave an excellent presentation today on making and designing pillows. She also talked about the history of pillows with the oldest pillow found being a stone pillow used by the ancient Egyptians.
Show & Share Spring Time Bunny
25. March 2024
Made by Karla who is a member of the Betz White Ornament of the Month Club.
Greer March Neighborhood Group Meeting
23. March 2024

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