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Fast, Temporary Cutting Table
If you don't have a good table the right height to cut out garments or quilts, here's an easy remedy. Takes up no room, assembles quickly and easy to put away.
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Making Handles Two Different Ways
Here's two great ways to make handles for your bags. One way is making handles that have to be turned and the other way is making handles that do not have to be turned.
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Anne's Quilting technique

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Karla's Christmas Stockings Tutorial

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PreSsing a tube

Using a hemostat to turn tubes

Link to buy hemostat here.

Have you ever wondered about buying downloadable clothing patterns online? How would I print them? Would I have to piece them together? Sounds a bit overwhelming but Madeline Bachta has had very good experiences ordering from Lekala.co https://www.lekala.co/  and Boot Strap Fashion https://bootstrapfashion.com/. Both of these companies are made-to-measure patterns. You put in your measurements and the patterns a custom fit for you.
Both companies also email you a FULL SCALE pattern. You can print on your home printer and tape the pages together for the pattern pieces—OR you can email the pdf file to Fedex. UPS or other printing service that has a 36" printer. With the 36" printer, the pattern pieces are just cut out with little or no taping is required. The price is per square foot and most patterns run $15 to $20. But you have custom fit pattern you can use over and over again.



Sturdy up the bottom of those bags you are making with simple upcycling. 
TOP: Ande Jackson uses cardboard from a Fed-X Box.
BOTTOM: Kathy Grazio uses a slat from a vertical blind.

Tired of All Those Bobbin Strings?
Jerene (and Chuck) Daniels have come up with an awesome idea on taming annoying thread ends. Take 7x16" plastic tubing from a hardware store and make caps that easily fit around the bobbin threads.