We Love to Help Our Community

Tote Bags for Safet Harbor

Instructions for these bags can be found by clicking below.

Safe Harbor Tote Bags
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Our chapter is committed to helping in our community. We take seriously the idea that many hands can make light work. We also work with other non-profits to ensure that donated sewing supplies are put to good use when the original owner no longer needs them. We sew clothing and other items to give to organizations that help those less fortunate than ourselves. We have lots of fun and it’s such a joy to sew for others.


 Exam Gowns for the GHS Forensic Pediatric Department


Chemo Cap "Beanie"

If you would like to make some
of these Caps,

click on Instructions for Sewn Chemo Cap below.


Chemo Cap "Beanie" Pattern
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Anti-Ouch Pouches

Softly padded pouches for those undergoing radiation for breast cancer. These bags are left open so stuffing may be added or removed according to the need.


Pattern and instructions can be found here: https://www.asg.org/files/community_service/Anti_Ouch_Pouch.pdf

Pillowcases for Foster Children

In addition to the Duffle Bags for Foster Children, we also include a colorful pillowcase. 

If you would like to make
some pillow cases,
click on Instructions for Pillow Cases below. 

Instructions for Pillow Cases
Instructions for Pillowcases.pdf
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Surgical Caps for

GHS Children’s Hospital

If you would like to make some of these hats, click Surgical Cap Instructions below. 

Surgical Cap Instructions
Surgical Caps Instructions.pdf
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Stockings for Soldiers


Foster Children




Stocking Pattern
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How to Make Kitty Mats
Kitty Mats.pdf
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Wheelchair Quilts for GHS Children’s Hospital

Lap Quilts for the

Piedmont Agency on Aging

This agency delivers meals on wheels and offers other services for the elderly.

They give these quilts to seniors who are in  need.

Bags for Surgery Patients Sent Home with Drainage Tubes


Duffel Bags for Foster Children

Sadly, Foster Children are often given a black garbage bag to carry their belongings. Our chapter makes wonderful and colorful duffel bags to give them.




Personal Belongings Bags for

Safe Harbor Women's Shelter




Fidget Mats
Colorful lap mats made for Alzheimer and dementia patients.


Quilts of Valor

If you would like to make squares for the Quilts of Valor,

click on Instructions for Quilts of Valor below.

Instructions for Quilts of Valor
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