Asheville Feisty Stitchers Neighborhood Group Meeting

On Thursday, our group had the opportunity to meet at the New Hope Presbyterian Church, at 3070 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville, and this was well received. 
Details about this location and space: For starters, this facility is NOT linked to a sewing business, allowing for a more open discussion about the sewing world around us. The location of New Hope Church is in South Asheville—ideal for sewists commuting from most of Buncombe and Henderson counties. The church has lots of parking space available. It is relatively accessibleThere are no steps or curbs. Sidewalks are paved, making it easy to trolly sewing equipment. It has lots of meeting space and the meeting area could easily handle 30 to 50 people, and maybe more. The restrooms are wonderful. And we can access the kitchen—the most immaculate church kitchen I've ever seen!! The walls are painted light, allowing for use as a projector screen. Also, we are working on the possibility of using the internet or hotspot capabilities for any future virtual presentations.
Seven members (out of thirteen known neighborhood group members) were in attendance. We all unanimously voted to continue our meeting at this location. I believe this unanimous vote is considered a quorum.
There was no discussion about changing meeting times.
So, our new home base for holding meetings will be at the New Hope Presbyterian Church (lower-level entrance,) on the 3rd Thursday of the month, from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.
**We offer a special thanks to Jan Fife and Nan Riley for their attention and making these arrangements possible.
To one and all, keep warm and happy sewing,
Dianne Sneath

Sante Coetser showing

her mosaic quilt wall art.

Here is an idea from Madeline Bachta to use a blue tooth Xenvo Shutterbug device to take pictures of yourself during pattern muslin tests, this device enables you to take your time to get a photo instead of using the phones photo timer function.

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    Jean (Sunday, 21 January 2024 08:11)

    Sounds like you have found a great meeting place to accommodate your members and their many talents.