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The bag is from the OnLine Fabric Store Cell Phone Wristlet tutorial. I just changed a little. Here's a link to the Free Tutorial. 

The other is a credit/business card holder and the wallet is not from any pattern. I just tried a different method of putting it together. It worked so good for me I wanted to share it.
Linda Sanita

One *warp in 8/2 tencel, different **wefts but all 8/2 tencel...

Amei Manten


For those who don't weave, the *warp is put on the loom vertically and usually takes a lot of time. The **weft is the actual weaving and goes much faster and is a lot more fun for most weavers. A weaver may put on a very long warp and then create several lengths of fabric by changing the color and the weaving pattern as she weaves.  

Just finished a Mother’s Day quilt for a friend. A great way to send a quilted hug!

Rita Jimenez

Love playing with new patterns and variegated thread!

Rita Jimenez

Be sure to include some information if you can
(pattern used, website, who it's for, inspiration)

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