Look What Anne Did with Her Babylock Destiny 2!

I've been scanning a picture that was downloaded and print on my printer.  I then scanned it on the sewing machine with ID Designer scan. I used to create a fill imagine. Very interesting feature. It took me many hours to figure it out so it would fill the colored item on the picture. Why you ask would I spend so much time on this.?
  1. I like embroidery quilts.
  2. my grandson wanted a quilt with certain designs. 
  3. TI had a process I hadn't used on a very expensive machine. Fourth, I didn't want to pay $599 for digitizing software.
Check out the photo above and let me know if you want a presentation on this process of your Babylock Destiny 2.

Colorful bags always perfect for a friend

Yarn bag for a courageous friend who started a yarn shop during a pandemic 😷 Tattoo fabric from 5 Little Monkeys in Weaverville. Yarn fabric is seasoned stash.

Margaret Dacko

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    Phyllis Costa (Monday, 11 January 2021 10:29)

    Anne this is amazing!!